Tron Steeple, Glasgow

Tron Steeple, Glasgow, Scotland

This evening, I am posting a selection of images which demonstrate the variety of  public art, historical sites and sights of interest which can be seen on a walking tour of Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city. 

Image above shows the Tron Steeple in Trongate. This colourful structure was originally  spart of a 15th century church but is now an appendage to a theatre (converted from the original church).

Image below shows the Tolbooth Steeple at Glasgow Cross. Sits at the confluence of five roads and is all that remains of a complex of civil administration buildings dating from the 17th century. Formerly at the heart of the city’s commercial activities and communications before the progressive move west, but now isolated.

Glasgow Cross, Trongate

Glasgow Cross, Trongate, Scotland

The two images below are form the courtyard in the Italian Centre, off Ingram Street. The first image a sculpture of a man and his dog (by Shona Kinloch) with a facia in the background showing other artistic works. The second image shows a detail from the latter representing the story of the Phaeton by Jack Sloan.

Sculpture, Italian Centre

Sculpture, Italian Centre, Glasgow

Phaeton, Italian Centre

Phaeton, Italian Centre, Glasgow

This is a detail from pavement engravings close to the Ramshorn Theatre in Ingram Street which represent the rich history of this locality in the Merchant City area.

Pavement Engraving, Ingram Street

Pavement Engraving, Ingram Street, Glasgow

Here is a colourful pub front in the Merchant City.

Glasgow Pub, Merchant City

Glasgow Pub, Merchant City, Glasgow

The sign below advertises Glasgow’s central role in the next Commonwealth Games.

Commonwealth Games 2014, Glasgow

Commonwealth Games 2014, Glasgow, Scotland

This statue of famous romantic author, Sir Walter Scott stands atop a very tall plinth in the centre of George Square.

Sir Walter Scott Statue

Sir Walter Scott Statue, Glasgow

Image below shows part of a protest encampment in George Square, although the underlying purpose of the protest is not clear.

Protest Encampment, George Square

Protest Encampment, George Square, Glasgow

Here is an image of Glasgow’s 13th century Cathedral which stands on a Christian site dating back, possibly, to the 6th century. This Cathedral is unique in Scotland in not have suffered extensive physical damage as a result of the 16th century Reformation.

Glasgow Cathedral, Glasgow

Glasgow Cathedral, Glasgow, Scotland

This interesting and unusual inscription in Greek can be found on a pillar of a defunct railway bridge spanning te River Clyde. It reads ” All greatness stands firm in the storm” and is derived from Plato’s Republic.

Greek Inscription, Bridge Pillar

Greek Inscription, Bridge Pillar, Glasgow


The foregoing is just a representative sample of the diversity on offer in context of a walking tour of Glasgow.

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