Decorative Art at Buchanan Street

Decorative Art at Buchanan Street, Glasgow

This morning, I went into Glasgow to explore and continue my researches into the hidden art and architecture of Glasgow.  

Above is image of an interesting piece of decorative art work in Buchanan Street.

Immediately below is ‘Transition’ by John Creed located at 100 Queen Street. Key features of this work are:

  • Made from forged mild steel with brass and bronze detailing.
  • Forms and layering contrast with the surrounding architecture.
  • Design inspired by pot plants in the building’s foyer. Creates an organic flow towards the street.
Transition by john Creed

Transition by john Creed, 100 Queen St

Here is the entrance to Sloan’s Restaurant in Argyll Arcade. Interior retains its Edwardian elegance.

Sloan's Restarant, Argyll Arcade

Sloan's Restarant, Argyll Arcade, Glasgow

The images below show the Argyll Arcade located at the southern end of Buchanan Street. Designed by architect John Baird who was influenced by Parisian retailing architecture to create Scotland’s first indoor shopping mall in 1827. Most of the shops in this arcade are now jewellers which ensures the arcade maintains a ‘high end’ ambiance.

Argyll Arcade, Argyle Street

Argyll Arcade, Argyle Street, Glasgow


Entrance to Argyll Arcade

Entrance to Argyll Arcade, Glasgow

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