Birnam Hotel, Birnam

Birnam Hotel, Birnam, Scotland

Today, I ventured into central Scotland with trip aided by unusual sunny weather and blue sky.

Here there are two towns with an almost seamless join, namely Birnam and Dunkeld. Both of these towns are popular with visitors to Scotland. Birnam is, perhaps, most famous for its Macbeth connection with Birnam Wood and Birnam Oak. The latter can viewed on bank of the River Tay although unlikely to be a relic from Shakespeare’s time.

Above image shows the Birnam Hotel which dates from around 1850 and was probably built to accommodate the first wave of tourists to the area aided by a new railway and the fashion set by Queen Victoria of visits to Scotland.

The childrens’ author Beatrix Potter used to holiday in the locale in her teens and obtained inspiration for her series of books.

Dunkeld, Perthshire

Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland


Above image shows the popular small town of Dunkeld which sits on the banks of the River Tay. Dunkeld means’ Fort of the Caledonians’ and trace its origins back about 1500 years, and possibly longer. The Cathedral  in centre of town, although part ruin, is a popular visitor attrraction and famous as an early Christian site dating back to the Culdees in AD 815.

The image below gives a perspective of Dunkeld in context of the mighty River Tay which comprises Scotland’s longest river system and is popular with anglers for salmon fishing.

Dunkeld and River Tay

Dunkeld and River Tay, Scotland

An interesting site nearby is Ossian’s Hall and the Falls of Braan. Today, following persistent heavy rain, the river was in full spate.

Falls of Braan at Ossian's Hall

Falls of Braan at Ossian's Hall, Scotland

Overall, a worthwhile trip . In the distance snow capped mountains could be seen.

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