Squiggly Bridge, River Clyde

Squiggly Bridge, River Clyde, Glasgow

This evening, I am presenting a portfolio of images to illustrate the dynamic and impressive waterfront on the River Clyde in central Glasgow with its impressive range of architecture and engineering. This former shipbuilding and industrial area has been transformed in recent years and is now an important visitor attraction in its own right. In addition to architects and engineers who wish to study the various structures the locale  is visually appealing and makes  a good study topic for photographers, both day and night.

This image shows the Clde Arc (“Squinty”) Bridge with Finnieston Crane in the background. The latter is a legacy of the area’s shipbuilding past.

Squinty Bridge, Glasgow

Squinty Bridge, Glasgow, Scotland

 A view upstream showing the Clyde Auditorium (“Armadillo”) on the bank opposite.

Waterfront, River Clyde

Waterfront, River Clyde, Glasgow


Clyde Arc, River Clyde

Clyde Arc, River Clyde, Glasgow

Casino reflected in the Clyde.

Casino at Glasgow Waterfront

Casino at Glasgow Waterfront, Scotland

 This is the latest bridge over the Clyde: the Broomielaw-Tradeston Bridge aka “Squiggly Bridge

Close- up of Broomielaw-Tradeston Bridge

Close- up of Broomielaw-Tradeston Bridge, Glasgow

Here is the PS Waverley moored in the depth of winter.

Ice-Bound  River Clyde and Waverley

Ice-Bound River Clyde and Waverley, Glasgow

 Another view of the Waverley stuck in the ice.

Frozen River Clyde with  PS Waverley

Frozen River Clyde with PS Waverley, Glasgow

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