Stills at Glengoyne Distillery

Stills at Glengoyne Distillery, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on Glengoyne Distillery which regularly features in both my specialist whisky tours and general sightseeing tours. Location in the Trossachs means the distillery is within striking distance of Glasgow and can be easily included in a day tour  using Glasgow as a base.

The distillery is located at Dumgoyne in Stirlingshire. Curiously, the facility sits astride the geological fault which separates the Scottish Highlands from the Lowlands as a result of which the spirit is distilled in the Highlands region but matures across the road in the Lowlands region.

This distillery is unusual in that it is privately owned, i.e. not part of  a corporate drinks empire. Whisky has been legally distilled on the site since 1833. Historically, the existence of a nearby burn (stream) would have influenced the siting of the distillery although this water source is  no longer used for the distillation process.

Glengoyne whisky has two characteristics: (1) It is unpeated, and (2) It is aged in American oak which is first shipped to Spain then seasoned outdoors before being assembled into casks which are filled with Jerez sherry. Later the casks are shipped to Scotland for use in the whisky maturation process at Glengoyne.

Glengoyne uses three stills for distillation and has a production capacity of some 1.2m litres per anum.

Glengoyne’s key products comprise a 10 year old, a 17 year old and a 21 year old.

The distillery is very visitor friendly. In addition to the standard distillery tour there are a range of specialist tasting and blending tours. 

Reception Area at Glengoyne Distillery

Reception Area at Glengoyne Distillery, Scotland


Whisky Tutorial at Glengoyne Distillery

Whisky Tutorial at Glengoyne Distillery, Scotland


Overall, Glengoyne offers a good experience to the connoisseur and non-connoisseur alike.

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