Tour Group at Glencoe

Tour Group at Glencoe, Scotland

This morning our tour group were colelcted at Edinburgh and Glasgow following which we drove north to Dunkeld in central Scotland. Here we availed of a short, 30 minute break for refreshments and photos at this pretty village  on the banks of the river Tay.

Dunkeld, Perthshire

Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland

River Tay- Scotland’s longest river system.

River Tay, Dunkeld

River Tay, Dunkeld, Scotland

Metal Scotsman in Dunkeld.

Metal Scotsman, Dunkeld

Metal Scotsman, Dunkeld, Scotland

Next we headed north past Dalwhinnie and the Cairngorms to Inverness, capital of the Highlands. Here we stopped for a brief lunch and refuel and then started south again tracking the bank of Loch Ness. Along Loch Ness we stopped for some photo opportunities in the pleasant sunshine. 

Loch Ness, Highlands

Loch Ness, Highlands, Scotland

Here is Castle Urqhart respendent in the sunshine on the edge of Loch Ness.

Castle Urquhart, Loch Ness

Castle Urquhart, Loch Ness, Scotland

Group photo at Loch Ness.

Group Photo, Loch Ness

Group Photo, Loch Ness, Scotland

Next e continud south in an endeavour to reach Glencoe before the daylight faded. We just achieved our objective and were able to obtain some pictures before the onset of darkness.

Glencoe, Highlands

Glencoe, Highlands, Scotland


After Glencoe we drove across the desolate Rannoch Moor and then a 45 minute break at the Green Welly refreshment stop. After this darkeness set in and we drove on down to Glasgow via Loch Lomond with final drop off at Edinburgh.

Overall, a good day.

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