Prehistoric Rock Art at Ballochmyle

Prehistoric Rock Art at Ballochmyle, Ayrshire

This evening, I am presenting information on today’s trip to Ballochmyle near Mauchline, S.E. of Glasgow. Here, on a vertical sandstone rock surface can be found some of the finest cup-and-ring marks in Britain. These carvings may date from the Bronze Age (approx. 2000 BC to 700 BC).  The designs of the carvings are consistent with those found on the Isle of Arran and Achnabreck in Kilmartin Glen and comprise cup and ring carvings in various permutations. For more information on British rock art see this  blog post from earlier this year. The purpose of these abstract and non-figurative carvings is not known.

Unfortunately, the dull light conditions today were not conducive to still photography but the following two video clips do allow a better appreciation for the site.

Video 1

Video 2

The actual location of the carvings is difficult to find, in a remote area with no signage. Close by is some stunning scenery of a local gorge which should great photo opps in the right weather conditions. Image below gives a flavour for the locale.

River Ayr at Mauchline

River Ayr at Mauchline, Scotland

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