Birdlife, Solway Firth

Birdlife, Solway Firth, England

This evening, I am focusing on the Solway Firth which is an estuary and wetland area forming the boundary between England and Scotland on the west side of the island. This is a great spot for bird watchers, nature lovers and photographers. Some key points concerning the area:

  • An estuary or bay where the rivers Eden and Esk flow into the sea.
  • The salt-marshes host a number of RSPB (bird protection)¬†reserves plus various SSSI (Sites of Special Scientific Interest).
  • Contains rich farming and grazing lands.
  • At the western end of Hadrian’s Wall. Carlisle and its castle are nearby. Also, Burgh-by-Sands

A fascinating spot for hikers, birdwatchers and others interest in the outdoors and landscapes.

Flock of Geese near Silloth, Cumbria

Wild Geese, Solway Firth, England

Swans on Solway Firth, England

Solway Firth, England

Solway Firth with views towards Scotland

Scenic View, Solway Firth

Scenic View, Solway Firth, England

Traffic Hazard, Solway Firth

Traffic Hazard, Solway Firth, England

Evening Waterscape, Solway Firth

Evening Waterscape, Solway Firth, England

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