Scottish Highlands in Winter

Scottish Highlands in Winter Snow

This evening, I am in Kenmore, central Scotland at end of day 2 of a winter photographic tour of the Highlands.

Last night we were in Mallaig which was subject to an electricty blackout due to the recent hurricane. No electricity=no blog post and hence this is my first post for two days which covers a selection various Highlands scenes including Skye and Rannoch Moor.

Tonight I am presenting a selection of images from the past two days which cover various sites visited over the past two days. We have been incredibly lucky with weather for the time of year, benefiting from sunshine and clear weather for most of the tour.

In course of next few days I will view and edit the portfolio of images acquired. In meantime present a selection of images from the tour.

Below is the famous Skye Bridge against a wintry backdrop. This was taken from Kyle of Lochalsh.

Skye Bridge, Scotland

Skye Bridge, Scotland in Winter

This images was taken from Isleornsay.

Isleornsay, Skye

Isleornsay, Skye in Winter

This images was taken form the ferry en-routre from Mallaig to Armadale.

Scottish Highlands in Winter

Scottish Highlands in Winter from Skye Ferry

This image shows a small herd of deer on Rannoch Moor.

Scottish Deer in Winter

Scottish Deer in Winter at Rannoch Moor

Mountains reflecting in the sunlight.

Scottish Mountains in Winter

Scottish Mountains in Winter with Snow and Sunshine

Rannoch Moor

Rannoch Moor , Scotland

Rannoch Moor , Scotland in Winter


So far this photo tour has proved something of an adventure with many superb photo opportuniities. The tour is now about 80pct complete. There is a chance of more good weather tomorrow, the final day when, hopefully, we can obtain images of the area around Loch Tay in winter.

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