Glasshouses at Queens Park

Glasshouses at Queens Park, Glasgow

This afternoon I ventured out on a photo trip prompted by a combination of newly fallen snow and sunshine. This proved quite rewarding as, from a vantage point of Queens Park (southside), I was able to obtain some good views of Glasgow city covered by a layer of fresh snow with the Campsie Fells (hills) in the distance. As a bonus there was a freshly made snowman proudly standing in the park. Here is a video clip  showing the vista before me.

Image above shows the glasshouses at Queens Park reflecting in the afternoon sunshine.

Below is the snowman, the first such sighting for me this winter.

Snowman at Queens Park

Snowman at Queens Park, Glasgow

The following three images show the city against a backdrop of the snow covered Campsie Fells (hills).

Snow Covered Glasgow from Queens Park

Snow covered Glasgow from Queens Park on a sunny day.


View of snow covered Glasgow, Scotland

View of snow covered Glasgow, Scotland with Campsie Fells in distance.


Snow covered Glasgow, Scotland

Snow covered Glasgow, Scotland and Campsie Fells


Overall, a productive and enjoyable trip facilitated by an unusual combination of sun and snow.

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