Glasgow University, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on Glasgow University, a prominent academic institution with a history dating back to 1451 when it’s establishment was authorised by Papal Bull.

The University’s first place of learning was at Glasgow Cathedral subsequent to which it relocated to premises in nearby High Street which in due time became unsuitable and prompted a final relocation to the current purpose built site on Gilmore Hill. The current building was designed in neo-Gothic style by prominent Victorian architect, George Gilbert Scott ( 1811-1878) who, unfortunately, died just prior to completion.

Integrated within the Victorian architecture are transplants from the previous medieval building: (1) the entrance shown in image immediately below and (2) the Lion and Unicorn steps (1690)  as shown in second image below.

A later addition to the building occurred in 1929 when the University Chapel was opened as a memorial to the dead of World War 1.This was designed by Sir John Burnet in a style smpathetic with the Early Gothic of  the main building.

Because of its elevated position, the building stands prominent on the Glasgow landscape. Nearby is Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

Main entrance at Glasgow University, Scotland

Cloisters at Glasgow University, Scotland

Lion and Unicorn staircase, Glasgow University

Aspect of Glasgow University, Glasgow

Aspect of Glasgow University, Glasgow, Scotland

Here are the iron gates at the University Avenue entrance within which can be found names of illustrious and famous alumni of the past.

Ornamental Gates to Glasgow University

Ornamental Gates to Glasgow University, Scotland

Guided tours are available. There is a Visitor Centre.

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