Tall Ship 'Glenlee'

Tall Ship 'Glenlee' at Glasgow

This evening, I am focusing on one of Glasgow’s visitor atrractions, namely the Tall Ship ‘Glenlee‘ which is now moored on the River Clyde  close to the new Riverside (Transport) Museum

The Glenlee was built in Port Glasgow in 1896, just a few miles away from its current moorings. Here are some important facts and figures relating to the ship:

  • Length 74.4m, Beam 11.4m and Depth 6.8m.
  • Gross tonnage: 1613 tons.
  • Cargo capacity: 2,600 tons.
  • Orignally named Glenlee but renamed Islamount i 1899.
  • Employed as a cargo vessel under the British flag until 1919 when sold to an Italian company and renamed Clarastella.
  • Completed four circumnavigations of the world.
  • Acquired by Spanish Navy in 1922 for sail training purposes and renamed Galatea.
  • Acquired by Clyde maritime Trust in 1992 and returned to the Clyde.
  • Restored and opened to the public in 1999.

It is appropriate that this Clyde built vessel should find a final home on the Clyde and allow visitors to connect with the city’s long ship-building tradition.

A selection of images are provided below.

Wheel, Glenlee

Wheel, Glenlee, Glasgow


Crew's Quarters, Glenlee

Crew's Quarters, Glenlee, Glasgow


Masts and Rigging, Glenlee

Masts and Rigging, Glenlee, Glasgow


Hospital, Glenlee

Hospital, Glenlee, Glasgow


Between Decks, Glenlee

Between Decks, Glenlee, Glasgow


Captain's Cabin, Glenlee

Captain's Cabin, Glenlee, Glasgow

Main Hold, Glenlee

Main Hold, Glenlee, Glasgow

To sum up, this ship is a worthwhile visitor atrraction with added benefit of good views of Glasgow and the River Clyde.

Tall Ship 'Glenlee'

Tall Ship 'Glenlee', Glasgow

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