Clubhouse, Hampden Bowling Club

Clubhouse, Hampden Bowling Club, Glasgow

This evening I am posting information on the historic development of football ( soccer) in Glasgow.

It is apparent that Scotland was at the forefront of the development of football, with Glasgow playing a prominent role. The game was the sport of the working classes and easy to arrange at modest cost. Today, Glasgow is home to the two top teams in Scotland both of which have won honours at the European level in the past. In essence, therefore, Glasgow’s role in the football continues at a high level.

The image above shows the clubhouse at Hampden Bowling Club. This structure may have originated as a very early football building and subsequently relocated to its current site. Conversely, the bowling green may have originated as a football pitch with the clubhouse remaining in situ.

The image below is of Cathkin Park. This was formerly the home of the now defunct Third Lanark club (1903-1967) but may have been the venue for the first international football match in the world (between England and Scotland). The extended oval is a feature of the Scottish game.

Cathkin Park, Glasgow

Cathkin Park, Glasgow, Scotland

The pitch below is that of Lesser Hampden. The white building in the  middle distance may be the world’s oldest football structure.

Lesser Hampden, Glasgow

Lesser Hampden, Glasgow, Scotland

The next two images show Scotland’s National Football Stadium, at Hampden, Glasgow.

Hampden Football Stadium, Glasgow

Hampden Football Stadium, Glasgow, Scotland


Hampden Park, Glasgow

Hampden Park, Glasgow, Scotland

Here is the stadium of Celtic F.C. in Glasgow’s east end. Celtic has a strong following in the Roman Catholic community. The club was  founded by a Catholic priest in 1888.

Celtic Football Club, Parkhead

Celtic Football Club, Parkhead, Glasgow


Celtic Football Stadium, Parkhead

Celtic Football Stadium, Parkhead, Glasgow

The following two images show Rangers Football Club stadium. This club is based near Govan and has  a strong following in the Protestant comunity. It was founded in 1872.

Rangers Football Stadium, Ibrox

Rangers Football Stadium, Ibrox, Glasgow


Rangers Football Stadium, Glasgow

Rangers Football Stadium, Glasgow, Scotland

Today, football (soccer) remains strongly supported in Glasgow.

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