Eassie Church, Angus

Eassie Church, Angus, Scotland

 This evening, I am focusing on a somewhat obscure site in East-Central Scotland, namely the village of Eassie which sites close to the A94 road between Glamis and Meigle.

This site is easy to by-pass and few would normally give a ruined church a second thought. However, inside the well maintained ruins can be found a good example of a carved Pictish symbol stone, maybe dating from the 9thcentury AD. An image of the stone is provided below with photography of same hindered by the protective perspex screen.

At nearby Glamis and Meigle can be found collections of carved Pictish era stones  so, clearly, the Eassie stone confirms the existence of  a significant Pictish community in the area until finally subsumed by the Scots.

On an etymological note, the name Eassie usually indicates a Gaelic word for waterfall but there is no such feature in the relatively flat, arable landscape.

Pictish Carved Stone, Eassie

Pictish Carved Stone, Eassie, Scotland

When time permits I usually stop by Eassie in course of my tours of the area.