Fife Coast, East Wemyss

Fife Coast, East Wemyss, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on an intruiging part of Scotland’s Fife Coast, namely that near the village of East Wemyss in Fife. Here can be found a diversity of activities and history which includes:

  • Remains of 15th century, MacDuff’s Castle.
  • Old sea caves on a raised beach which contain carvings from the Neolithic period up to modern times.  The best carvings can be found in Jonathan’s Cave.
  • Interesting sandstone geology as shown in image no two below.
  • Defunct World War Two defences along the coast including former gun emplacements.
  • The Fife Coastal Path which passes the village as part its 150km route along the coastline.

Here is part of the Fife Coastal Path

Fife Coastal Path, East Wemyss

Fife Coastal Path, East Wemyss, Scotland

Interesting twisted cord effect geology.

Sandstone Cliffs

MacDuff’s Castle

MacDuff’s Castle

Old WW2 defences on beach.

Defunct WW2 Defences, Eats Wemyss

Defunct WW2 Defences, Eats Wemyss, Scotland

Clearly, a wealth of interests and opportunities in a very small geographic area. Suggest visit to nearby West Wemyss  if time allows.

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