Lower Falls, Glen Nevis

Lower Falls, Glen Nevis, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on Glen Nevis near Fort William in the Scottish Highlands.

To some extent this might be called a ‘hidden gem’ as the glen (valley) is accessed via a small road in a southerly direction form the centre of Fort William. Fortunately, the vast majority of tour buses and related traffic by-passes the road and hence it is possible to enjoy a quiet and peaceful drive down to the Lower Falls and beyond. The return trip takes about 1 hour and en-route it is possible that an encounter with a herd of photogenic Highland Cattle  may occur.

The glen and nearby mountain (ben) are named after the River Nevis which in turn may be derived from the Gaelic neimh (pronounced ‘nev’) which translates as ‘poison’ or ‘evil’.

Glen Nevis  is noted for a number of features including:

  • Last stage of the West Highland Way, a hiking trail which takes about 8-9 days to cover the distance from Glasgow to Fort William.
  • A favorite area for camping and caravanning.
  • Close to Ben Nevis , Britain’s highest mountain which attracts many climbers.
  • Near to the Nevis Range of mountains and the Aonoch Mor  Chair Lift.
  • Has been as a backdrop for a number of films including Braveheart, Harry Potter and Rob Roy.
  • Scenic Lower Falls ( per images above and below) and Steall Falls.
Lower Falls, Glen Nevis

Lower Falls, Glen Nevis, Scotland


Whenever possible I try to fit in a visit to Glen Nevis during my tours of the Western Highlands.

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