Hermitage Castle, Scottish Borders

Hermitage Castle, Borders, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on the harsh, imposing and austere edifice known as Hermitage Castle which is located in an isolated part of Liddesdale in the Scottish Borders. This was built by one Sir Hugh de Dacre around 1360 using the foundations of a previous, probably wooden, castle.  Construction was finally completed in the early 15th century by William, 1st Earl of Douglas.

Mary Queen of Scots visited in October 1566.

For some 400 years the castle played a dominant role in controlling the Scottish Middle March, one of the border buffer zones between Scotland and England.

The castle went out of use in the early 1600s upon the union of the crowns of England and Scotland.

Here is a landscape view showing the rectangular earthwork on which the castle is built.

Landscape View, Hermitage Castle

Landscape View, Hermitage Castle, Scottish Borders

 The Douglas Tower (left) and  Well Tower (right) . Latter housed a deep well for use in times of siege.

Hermitage Castle, Borders

Hermitage Castle, Borders, Scotland

Side elevation.

Hermitage Castle, Borders

Hermitage Castle, Borders, Scotland

 Ruined interior

Ruined Interior, Hermitage Castle

Ruined Interior, Hermitage Castle, Scottish Borders

This is a stunning site which I invariably include in my Borders tours.

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