Jerpoint Abbey, Kilkenny

Jerpoint Abbey, Kilkenny, Ireland

This evening, I am focusing on Jerpoint Abbey, an outstanding 12th century Cistercian Abbey located close to the town of Kilkenny in the south of the Republic of Ireland.

The Abbey follows the conventional Cistercian layout featuring a cruciform church nave, chancel and transepts. A crossing tower was added in the 15th century. The cloister lies to the south of the church adjacent to which there were domestic buildings on three sides.

A principal feature of the Abbey is the high quality  tomb scuplture and carvings:

  • 13th-16th century tomb sculpture can be found in the transept chapels one of which is a panel of saints called “weepers”.
  • Unique carvings in the sculptured cloister arcade ranging from human figures (bishop, knight, etc.) to grotesque and unexpected diminutive figures in corners or on bases.

There is a visitor centre which houses an interesting exhibition.

This site is deserving of a visit when touring in the area.

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