Mealt Falls Isle of Skye

Mealt Falls Isle of Skye, Scotland

This evening,  I am focusing on the Trotternish ( N.E.) area of the Isle of Skye and in particular the popular scenic locations of Mealt Falls and Kilt Rock . This section of Skye has a fascinating geology mainly dating from the Jurassic era, about 150m years ago. Here, many horizontal sills of volcanic material have forced between the older strata. One such dolerite sill forms the upper section of the Kilt Rock coastline as shown in the image below. Here the cliffs of basalt columns give the rocks a pleated appearance and hence the name Kilt Rock.

The falls come from Loch Mealt nearby which passes under the road. Here the Loch cascades down into the sea entailing a drop of 250 feet (85m) to a shoreline of (inaccessible) caves and arches. This video clip shows the Falls with a rainbow effect.

Kilt Rock, Isle of Skye

Kilt Rock, Isle of Skye, Scotland

I invariably include a visit to this site during my tours of Skye.

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