Cranes at Clyde Auditorium

Cranes at Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow

This afternoon, I was attracted by a unusual concentration of construction cranes on a site near the Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow. After obtaining a few images I walked back to the centre along the interesting waterfront encountering a wide range of interesting constructions en-route.

Images of the cranes can be found immediately above and below.

Cranes at Clyde Auditorium

Cranes at Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow

Here is a crane from a by-gone age (1932) when Glasgow was very strong on commercial ship building and heavy engineering. Now redundant.

Finnieston Crane, Glasgow

Finnieston Crane, Glasgow, Scotland

Here is the Clyde Arc or ‘Squinty Bridge’ which dates from 2006 and spans the River Clyde at Finnieston.

Squinty Bridge, River Clyde

Squinty Bridge, River Clyde, Glasgow

Here is the Broomielaw-Tradeston Bridge aka ‘Squiggly Bridge’ which is for pedestrians and also spans the River Clyde. Opened 2009.

Squiggly Bridge, River Clyde

Squiggly Bridge, River Clyde, Glasgow

Here is Glasgow’s Central Station. This originally dates from 1879 but was re-built 1901-1905.

Central Station, Glasgow
Central Station, Glasgow, Scotland

Interior of Central Station.

Inside Central Station, Glasgow

Inside Central Station, Glasgow, Scotland

Interesting image of a glass fronted building in Oswald Street.

Reflections on Glass-fronted Building

Reflections on Glass-fronted Building, Glasgow

Overall, a short, but interesting journey taking in a diversity of engineering and architecture.

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