Battleship at Night, Glasgow

Battleship at Night, Glasgow, Scotland

This evening, I joined a short, night-time cruise on the River Clyde on a small boat. The weather was cold but dry resulting in some reasonable photo opportunties in the clear visibility.

Glasgow has a long tradition in shipbuilding and whilst virtually all of the commercial shipbuilding  has gone there still remains a healthy military shipbuilding activity. The old industrial waterfront as largely been transformed into modern housing, a museum and offices such as that of the BBC.

Above is an image of a modern battleship whilst immediately below is the Tall Ship which was originally built in Glasgow and now transformed into a museum/visitor centre.

Tall Ship at Night, River Clyde

Tall Ship at Night, River Clyde, Glasgow

Here are the offices of BBC Scotland, obviously well illuminated.

BBC Scotland, Glasgow

BBC Scotland, Glasgow, Scotland

Here is a colourful scene with the Clyde Arc or ‘Squinty Bridge’ at centre.

Squinty Bridge, Glasgow

Squinty Bridge, Glasgow at Night

Here is the latest bridge over the Clyde, this is for pedestrian traffic and has acquired the name ‘Squiggly Bridge’.

Squiggly Bridge, Glasgow

Squiggly Bridge, Glasgow, at Night


Overall, an interesting and productive evening.