Granary and Stores Building, Vindolanda

Granary and Stores Building, Vindolanda, Hadrian's Wall

This evening, I am focusing one of the most important-and impressive- sites on the former Roman frontier which now comprises Hadrian’s Wall in northern England. The Romans occupied Britain ( effectively England) for some 370 years and for some 325 years of that period there was a military presence at Vindolanda which started as a succession of wooden forts and progressing through to stone constructions and a civilian settlement. Overall, there were at least ten successive forts on this site which for most for the period occupied a position  a few miles south of the Wall. Vindolanda today is subject to on-going archaeological investigation, a task which will last many years into the future due to the sheer size and complexity of the site.

A wide range of Roman artifacts have been recovered from the site of which, arguably, the most important of which are the famous ‘Vindolanda Tablets’ which comprise a combination of official and private written comunications, all carefully inscribed on thin slices of wood and which miraculously preserved in pits where they were discarded due to anaerobic conditions which the Romans inadvertently created when sealing old sections of the site for re-use. These ‘tablets’ have been transcribed and afford a unique insight into the routines of life on the frontier. So far, approximately 1400 separate texts have been discovered.

In addition to the tablets adverted to above, archaeologists have  found over 3000 boots, shoes, sandals, slippers and clogs. Other finds include textiles, wooden objects, combs, pottery, weapons, armour, utensils, jewellery, ear rings, thousand of bones, bronze and other metal items.

The structural remains include:

  • Military Bath House
  • Gates to the site.
  • Headquarters Building.
  • Christian Church.
  • Guard Chambers.

There is also a well stocked museum and visitor centre.

This video clip  gives an overview of this extensive site.

Excavations in Process, Vindolanda

Excavations in Process, Vindolanda, Hadrian's Wall


Vindolanda Roman Site, Hadrian's Wall

Vindolanda Roman Site, Hadrian's Wall, England


Replica Wall Turret, Vindolanda

Replica Wall Turret, Vindolanda, Hadrian's Wall


Roman Hypocaust Heating System, Vindolanda Roman Site

Roman Hypocaust Heating System, Vindolanda Roman Site, England


Excavated Roman Site, Hadrian's Wall

Excavated Roman Site, Hadrian's Wall, England


Whenever possible I include Vindolanda in my Hadrian’s Wall tour programme.

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