Genealogy and Family History Research
Genealogy and Family History Research, Scotland
This afternoon, I attended a fascinating ‘Road Show’ in Glasgow provided by the National Library of Scotland. This was a quality event and of particular interest to me primarily because of the high number of ancestry themed tours I provide, mainly for guests from North America.  The two key segments of interest were:
Via a free, online site can be accessed a large number of maps dating back to the 16th century. Key web sites are:
Key site is which affords access to a wide range of helpful data including:
  • Births, marriages and deaths pre 1855 ( the trigger date for mandatory registration).
  • Monumental inscriptions.
  • 1881 census.
  • Trade and street directories
  • Professional directories.
  • Army and Navy lists.
  • Matriculation and graduation rolls.
  • Emigrant lists.
  • Surnames, family histories and biographies.
  • Local history material.
Family History and Genealogy Research
Family History and Genealogy Research, Scotland
Family History Research Material

Family History Research Material, Scotland

A well presented event which has certainly provided with a widened range of research sources for ancestry themed tours.
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