Fishing, River Spey
Fishing, River Spey, Scotland
This evening, I am focusing on fishing for sport in Scotland. This mainly takes place on major salmon and trout rivers such as the Tay, Tweed and Spey. However, there are multiple other possibilities including numerous lochs (lakes), smaller rivers, such as the Garry, Tummel and Esk, and the sea. The fishing season runs approximately from February to October each year. Above and below is a small portfolio of fishing related images which I have accumulated in course of tours around Scotland.
Above is a fisherman on the Spey in the Scottish Highlands whilst immediately below is a fishing scene from the River Kelvin in the city of Glasgow.
Fishing, River Kelvin
Fishing, River Kelvin, Glasgow

Here are some  locals enjoying a relaxing time on the ‘bonnie’ banks of Loch Lomond in central Scotland.
Fishing, Loch Lomond

Fishing, Loch Lomond, Scotland

Here is a popular beat on the River Tay, near Dunkeld, also in central Scotland.
Fishing Beat, River Tay

Fishing Beat, River Tay, Scotland

This shot was taken on a small loch (lake) near Eaglesham, south of Glasgow. No doubt a club. Note windfarm in distance, Europe’s largest.
Loch Fishing, Eaglesham

Loch Fishing, Eaglesham, Scotland

Here is a self-explanatory sign warning non-authorised fisherman to keep away from private fishing.
No Fishing Sign

No Fishing Sign, Scotland

 Overall, Scotland offers tremendous opportunities for fishing, from the Borders through to the Tay in central Scotland and the Spey in the north. A large support industry has grown up around this activity. From time to time some of tour guests do seek a spot of fishing as part of their Scotland vacation.

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