Burns Cottage, Alloway

Burns Cottage, Alloway, Scotland

This afternoon I attended a special Burns themed event at the Birthplace Museum of Robert Burns, Scotland’s national poet. The museum is located about 45 mins south of Glasgow near the Ayrshire coast on the West of Scotland.
The event commenced around 1.00pm with the underlying them of  ‘Burns Beer Festival 2012’  and sub titled  ‘A peck o’maut’  in Scots English. The series of events comprised:
  • A talk on smuggling in 18th century Ayrshire. ( Burns at one time was a customs agent employed to combat the extensive smuggling industry.)
  • A talk by a learned academic on the works of Scots poet Robert Fergusson whose works served as a great inspiration to Burns.
  • Welly throwing competition.
  • Talk on Malting, Brewing and Distilling.
  • Pub Quiz.
  • Ceilidh ( traditional community dance).
Visitor Group, Burns Cottage
Visitor Group, Burns Cottage, Alloway

 Here are the beers ( real ales) on offer which include two with names inspired by Burns: ‘Timerous Beastie’ and ‘Rabbies Porter’. In Britain, the term ‘real ale’ is used to describe a traditional, flavoursome beer which continues to ferment in the cask from which it is served. This category of beer is usually produced on a small scale by specialist, local brewers.

Scottish Real Ales at Burns Cottage
Scottish Real Ales at Burns Cottage, Alloway
Rear of Burns Cottage, Alloway

Rear of Burns Cottage, Alloway, Scotland

 Overall, an interesting afternoon entailing some sightseeing along the nearby Ayrshire coast.

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