Art Deco Cinema, Renfrew

Art Deco Cinema, Renfrew, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on one of my favourite architecture styles, namely Art Deco of which there a few extant examples in Scotland.
The Art Deco style emerged after World War I. It was inspired by machines and used geometric ornament and latest materials including plastics and decorative metals like chrome.
Image above shows the Regal Cimema in Renfrew, S.W.Scotland. The building originally dates from 1913 but was rebuilt with balcony in 1929.
Below is the B-listed cinema in Perth, central Scotland. This was built in just seven weeks and dates from 1933.
Art Deco Theatre, Perth

Art Deco Theatre, Perth, Scotland

Here is the Beresford Building in Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street. This was built as a hotel for the Empire Exhibition in 1938 but now comprises a mix of private and serviced apartments.
Beresford Building, Glasgow

Beresford Building, Glasgow, Scotland

The Art Deco buildings are just a small example of the rich diversity of architecture in Scotland, particularly Glasgow  and Edinburgh.
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