Dunure Castle, Ayrshire
Dunure Castle, Ayrshire, Scotland
This evening, I am focusing on Dunure Castle, near Ayr, one of a string of castles on or near the Ayrshire coast, facing west, south of Glasgow.
Dunure as historic conections with the loca,l powerful  Kennedy family ( Earls of Cassillis) whose most famous seat is nearby Culzean. Here is a summary historic timeline:
  • Built on a defensible rocky outcrop facing the sea.
  • Oldest part of the castle is the 13th century keep.
  • Later additions included additional wings in the 15th and 16th centuries.
  • Battlements were added in the 16th century.
  • In 1429 one Jon Mor MacDonald was killed at Dunure (in course of talks between the MacDonalds and King James I).
  • In 1563 Mary Queen of Scots stayed at the castle in course of a Royal tour.
  • By late 1700s the castle had become a ruin.
  • The ruins have now been consolidated and access is possible.
  • Close to the castle is a Dovecote ( Doocot) where pigeons were kept. These birds were an important source of food in medieval times. The Dovecot may date from the 15th century.

Overall, an interesting ruin which also affords good views over the local coastline.

Dunure Castle, Ayrshire

Dunure Castle, Ayrshire, Scotland

Dunure Castle, Ayrshire Coast

Dunure Castle, Ayrshire Coast, Scotland

Dovecote, Dunure Castle

Dovecote, Dunure Castle, Scotland

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