Lochranza, Isle of Arran

Lochranza, Isle of Arran, Scotland

Today, we enjoyed a stunning diversity of experiences including geology, prehistory, a castle, flora, whisky making and beautiful shoreline scenery. All of this was found in a relatively compact area in and around Lochranza on the north of the Isle of Arran off the west of Scotland.

Here is a video of Lochranza whilst immediately below is the castle which probably dates from the late 16th to early 17th century.

Lochranza Castle, Arran

Lochranza Castle, Arran, Scotland

Here is one of the most important sites in the history of the science of Geology, Hutton’s Unconformity. James Hutton discovered in 1787 the first ever unconformity. An unconformity is formed by two sedimentary rocks of very different periods which have all the rocks between them missing through erosion. At Lochranza the older green Cambrian schists deposited as sea mud some 550 million years ago now lean outward towards the sea and are covered with red deposits from the end of the Carboniferous laid down some 350 m years ago and leaning inland. All rocks in the intermediate 200 million years are missing. By good fortune we came across a party of geology students who were able to pinpoint the location.

Hutton's Unconformity, Lochranza

Hutton’s Unconformity, Lochranza, Arran

Here is a prehistoric stone circle close to the shore and near Hutton’s Unconformity as adverted to above.

Prehistoric Stone Circle, Lochranza

Prehistoric Stone Circle, Lochranza, Arran

Here is an early primrose spotted close to the beach at Lochranza

Primrose, Lochranza

Primrose, Lochranza, Arran.

Learning about whisky making at Isle of Arran Distillery, one of Scotland’s smallest whisky producers.

Whisky Making at Arran Distillery

Whisky Making at Arran Distillery, Scotland

Overall, a very satisfying day which has whetted appetite for further visits.

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