Kelso Abbey, Scottish Borders

Kelso Abbey, Scottish Borders, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on the Scottish Borders, a term which broadly covers the area southf Edinburgh down to the border with England, just north of Hadrian’s Wall. This area encompasses castles, ruined medieval abbeys, tartan and textile manufacture, Sir Walter Scott’s Abbotsford and the Border Reivers Trail. The countryside is gentle, pleasant with rolling hills and salmon rivers such as the Tweed.
Above is Kelso Abbey situated in the pretty town of Kelso. The abbey’s remains are a consequence of destruction by the English in 1545.
Here is Melrose Abbey which was founded in the 12th century by King David I. Location was unfortunate in that it lay on the direct route of invading armies from England in medieval times and suffered repeated damage right through to the Reformation of 1560. The adjacent town of Melrose is also of interest and includes Priorwood Gardens which is dedicated to the production of dried flowers.
Melrose Abbey, Scottish Borders

Melrose Abbey, Scottish Borders, Scotland

Not too far from Melrose is another of the great medieval abbeys, namely Jedburgh. This was also founded in the 12th century and suffered a similar fate to Melrose in being unfortunately situated on the path of invading armies and suffered much damage as a result.In the town can be found the Castle Jail and Museum plus Mary Queen of Scots House. A worthwhile stop on a Borders tour.
Jedburgh Abbey, Scottish Borders

Jedburgh Abbey, Scottish Borders, Scotland

This is Hermitage Castle which stands out for its sheer size, harshness and brutality, a pure military structure with no allowance for romance. The present structure dates from the 14th century and is substantially intact.
Hermitage Castle, Scottish Borders

Hermitage Castle, Scottish Borders, Scotland

Here is a representation of Lang Sandy at Rowanburn who was a key character in the long-running Border Reivers era of the 14th-17th centuries when parts of the Border region were lawless. Today, there is a Border Reivers Trail  which makes an interesting tour in its own right.
Lang Sandy, Rowanburn

Lang Sandy, Rowanburn, Scottish Borders

The Borders region has a long tradition of producing textiles and fabrics. Here is the shop at Lochcarron which still manufactures on site at Selkirk and is very strong on production of tartan and associated garments.
Lochcarron Tartan manufacturer, Selkirk

Lochcarron Tartan manufacturer, Selkirk, Scotland

Close to Kelso is Floors Castle. This is home to the Duke and Duchess of Roxburghe and dates from 1721. This visitor attraction includes gardens and grounds.
Floors Castle, Kelso

Floors Castle, Kelso, Scottish Borders

Clearly, a rich and interesting diversity of sites to explore in the Scottish Borders  region.
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