Walking Tour, Glasgow

Walking Tour, Glasgow, Scotland

This morning, I joined a walking tour of the west end of Glasgow with accent on women’s heritage. See image of tour group above.
Spring is in the air concomitant with which is some colourful, pink cherry blossom.
Cherry Blossom, Kelvingrove
Cherry Blossom, Kelvingrove, Scotland
We walked past this small group who appear to be engaged in some type of therapy.
Therapy in Process, Kelvingrove
Therapy in Process, Kelvingrove, Glasgow
Here is an image of the River Kelvin with Glasgow University in the background.
River Kelvin with Glasgow University

River Kelvin with Glasgow University, Scotland

This is the entrance to Anderson College. This institution was initially founded to rival Glasgow University with aim of widening access to education, particularly for women.
Anderson College, Glasgow
Anderson College, Glasgow, Scotland
Here is the former home of Margaret MacDonald, wife of famous architect, Charles Rennie Mackintosh.
Former Residence of Margaret MacDonald, wife of Rennie Mackintosh

Former Residence of Margaret MacDonald, wife of Rennie Mackintosh, Glasgow

This is Mackintosh House, home of Charles Rennie Mackintosh 1906-14. Reconstructed 1981.
Mackintosh House, Glasgow
Mackintosh House, Glasgow, Reconstructed 1981
Here is the Hunterian Art Gallery, very close to Mackintosh House.
Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow

Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland

This oak tree was planted by Women’s Suffrage Organisation in Glasgow on April 20th 1918 to commemorate the granting of votes to women.
Womans Suffrage, Commemoration Oak

Womans Suffrage, Commemoration Oak, Glasgow

By opportunistic coincidence we encountered this female piper near the University.
Female Piper, Glasgow

Female Piper, Glasgow, Scotland

Here is a view of the River Kelvin at Kelvingrove.
River Kelvin, Kelvingrove

River Kelvin, Kelvingrove, Glasgow

Today was the commencement of the salmon and trout fishing season on the Kelvin.
Fly Fishing, River Kelvin
Fly Fishing, River Kelvin, Glasgow
Today is also St. Patrick’s Day. At Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum the Carrickfergus Grammar School Choir (from Northern Ireland) gave several quality performances.
Carrickfergus Grammer School Choir, Kelvingrove

Carrickfergus Grammer School Choir, Kelvingrove, Glasgow

A very interesting half day out which was aided by sunny weather.
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