Paisley Abbey, Paisley

Paisley Abbey, Paisley, Scotland

This evening, I collected guests from hotel and Glasgow’s West End and then embarked on a tour of key sites connected with private Cunningham ancestry.
First we went to nearby Paisley and visited the historic Abbey and then a walk up the High Street to Paisley Museum where we spent time viewing the shawl room.
Interior of Paisley Abbey

Interior of Paisley Abbey, Scotland

Here is Paisley Museum and Library.
Paisley Museum and Library, Paisley

Paisley Museum and Library, Paisley, Scotland

Paisley has a long association with weaving and textiles and is well known for the Paisley pattern. Here is one of the old looms in the museum with Paisley shawl in the background.
Weaving Loom, Paisley Museum

Weaving Loom, Paisley Museum, Scotland

Next we went to the delightful village of Kilbarchan which in the 19th century was home to a thriving weaving industry. Unusually, there are two large Presbyterian churches within half a mile of each other. We focused on the Kilbarchan East Church and eventually found Plot A98 where John Cunningham is buried.
Kilbarchan East Church, Kilbarchan

Kilbarchan East Church, Kilbarchan, Scotland

Here is plot A98, whilst we also discovered this Cunninghame burial plot  in another part of the churchyard.
Cunningam Grave Site, Kilbarchan East Church

Cunningam Grave Site, Kilbarchan East Church, Scotland

Here is an information board outlining the history and various aspects of Kilbarchan.
Exploring Kilbarchan, Scotland

Exploring Kilbarchan, S.W. Scotland

Kilbarchan Street Scene, Scotland

Kilbarchan Street Scene, S.W. Scotland

This typical 18th-century handloom weaver’s cottage houses the last of the 800 looms that once worked in Kilbarchan in the 1830s. Now a visitor attraction.
Weaver's Cottage, Kilbarchan

Weaver's Cottage, Kilbarchan, Scotland

Kilbarchan West Church, Kilbarchan

Kilbarchan West Church, Kilbarchan, Scotland

Old Kilbarchan West Church, Kilbarchan

Old Kilbarchan West Church, Kilbarchan, Scotland

After concluding our ancestry research for the day we returned to Glasgow to visit the Riverside Transport Museum. Our visit was fortunate to coincide with a display of a mock-up of the Bloodhound supersonic car  which will be capable of speeds of 1,000 mph and challenge the World Land Speed Record.
Bloodhound SSC, 1000 mph car

Bloodhound SSC, 1000 mph car at Riverside Museum, Glasgow

Overall a productive and enjoyable day which entailed lunch at Bridge of Weir.
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