St Maur's Glencairn Parish Church, Kilmaurs
St Maur’s Glencairn Parish Church, Kilmaurs, Scotland
Today, we embarked on the second leg of our Cunningham Ancestry Tour around S.W.Scotland.
First stop was St. Maur’s Glencairn Parish Church. The Minister here was very helpful, showing us around the Church and providing records of births, deaths and marriages.
The church was endowed by Sir William Cunninghame as a collegiate church in 1413 and rebuilt by Robert S Ingram in 1888.
The annexe in centre of the picture is not part of the church but a Cunningham family mausoleum known as the Glencairn Aisle. Regrettably, this building is not open to visitors due to health and safety reasons.
St. Maur's Glencairn Parish Church, Kilmaurs

St. Maur's Glencairn Parish Church, Kilmaurs, Scotland

Here is a Cunningham memorial stone in the burial ground.
Cunningham Memorial Stone, Kilmaurs Church

Cunningham Memorial Stone, Kilmaurs Church, Scotland

Here is a Cuninghame memorial which pre-dates the current church.
Cuninghame Memorial Stone, Kilmaurs
Cuninghame Memorial Stone, Kilmaurs, Scotland
This is the pretty village of Kilmaurs with the old tolbooth at its centre. This (tolbooth) was a combined community centre, tax collection point and place of imprisonment and punishment.
Tolbooth, Kilmaurs

Tolbooth, Kilmaurs, Scotland

Here is the former Glencairn Church, now a stained glass studio. The former church probably had a Cunningham connection as the Earls of Glencairn were Cunninghams. 
Glencairn Church, Kilmaurs

Glencairn Church, Kilmaurs, Scotland

Next, we paid a brief visit to Dunlop and its church.
Street Scene with Church, Dunlop

Street Scene with Church, Dunlop, Scotland

Next a photo opportunity at the small village of Cunninghamhead.
Cunninghamhead, Scotland

Cunninghamhead, S.W. Scotland

Next to Stevenston to view the ruins of Kerelaw Castle which sits, incongruously, in the centre of a social housing estate. This castle was in Cunninghams’ possession when in 1488 it was sacked and burned by the Earl of Eglinton, a Montgomerie. In revenge, the Cunninghams, led by the Earl of Glencairn, burned Eglinton Castle in 1528.
Kerelaw Castle, Stevenston

Kerelaw Castle, Stevenston, Scotland

We followed the coast road round to the popular and historic town of Largs. This is where a battle occurred in 1263 when a Scottish army defeated a force of Norwegians and thus ended Viking/Norse rule in the west of Scotland. Here we stopped for a pleasant lunch at the Marina.
Largs, Firth of Forth

Largs, Firth of Forth, Scotland

After lunch we followed the coast road round the Firth of Clyde  to Greenock, Port Glasgow and eventually back to the hotel near Kelvingrove, Glasgow.
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