West Wemyss, Fife Coast

West Wemyss, Fife Coast, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on the popular tourist route along the Fife Coast of Scotland which encompasses: interesting geology and raised beaches, prehistoric carvings, medieval castles, 16th century architecture, quaint fishing villages and sandy beaches. Above is 16th century buildings at West Wemyss.
Below is one aspect of Macduff’s Castle at East Wemyss.
Macduff's Castle, East Wemyss

Macduff's Castle, East Wemyss, Scotland

Here is a pleasant sandy beach at Lower Largo, birthplace of Alexander Selkirk who was the real world role model for Robinson Crusoe.
Lower Largo Beach, Fife Coast

Lower Largo Beach, Fife Coast,Scotland

Here is the Alexander Selkirk  statue
Alexander Selkirk Statue, Lower Largo
Alexander Selkirk Statue, Lower Largo, Fife
Sandy bay at Elie
Elie, Fife Coast

Elie, Fife Coast, Scotland

Here is St. Monans Church , a historic site and popular with visitors.
St Monan's Church, Fife Coast

St Monan's Church, Fife Coast, Scotland

Here is Pittenweem Harbour, home to a fleet of still active fishing boats.
Pittenweem, Fife Coast
Pittenweem, Fife Coast, Scotland
Here is Anstruther or ‘Anster’ as pronounced by the locals. This seaside village is very popular with visitors, not least because of its acclaimed fish and chip restaurant, one of the top such establishments in Scotland.
Anstruther Harbour, Fife Coast

Anstruther Harbour, Fife Coast, Scotland

Here is Crail, a former fishing port with quaint and colourful harbour. Popular with artists and craft specialists.
Crail, Fife Coast

Crail, Fife Coast, Scotland

I invariably include a tour along the Fife Coast as start of a Scotland tour.
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