Broadford Bay, Skye

Broadford Bay, Skye, Scotland

This evening, I am posting summary information on the Isle of Skye, one of Scotland’s top visitor attractions. Here can be found:
  • Castles
  • Gardens
  • Mountainous landscapes.
  • Seascapes
  • A whisky distillery ( Talisker).
  • Wildlife including raptors and seals.
  • Prehistoric standing stones.
  • An iron age ( 2000 year old) dwelling called a broch.
  • Traditional peat cutting.
  • Waterfalls.
  • Artists and craft people. Combination of ever changing light conditions and landscapes offers superb raw material for photographers.
  • Colourful harbourside at Portree, the island’s capital.
  • Fascinating geological history.

A basic tour of Skye can be undertaken in one full day but some visitors may wish to linger and explore this multi-faceted island.,

Here is the colourful harbour at Portree.
Portree, Isle of Skye

Portree, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Popular Mealt Falls in the north of Skye.
Mealt Falls, Skye

Mealt Falls, Skye, Scotland

Kilt Rock, adjacent to Mealt Falls. So named due to similarity with a pleated kilt.
Kilt Rock, Skye

Kilt Rock, Skye, Scotland

Rugged scenery featuring the Old Man of Storr (perpendicular rock in right of image).
Old Man of Storr, Skye

Old Man of Storr, Skye, Scotland

The Quiraing, rugged scenery due to a massive landslip.
Quiraing, Skye

Quiraing, Skye, Scotland

Here is the ferry port of Uig. Connections to the Hebrides available from here. Good stop for lunch in course of a one day island tour.
Uig Bay, Skye

Uig Bay, Skye, Scotland

Fairy Glen near Uig. Name inspired by the strange conical hills.
Fairy Glen, Skye

Fairy Glen, Skye, Scotland

Here are the remains of an Iron-Age Broch. Just the foundation remains. When complete the structure was probably a high status dwelling and about as tall as a lighthouse.
Dun Beag Broch, Skye

Dun Beag Broch, Skye, Scotland

Here is Dunvegan Castle, home to the Chief of Clan MacLeod for hundreds of years and open to the public.
Dunvegan Castle, Skye

Dunvegan Castle, Skye, Scotland

Interesting view from Elgol at end of a long and winding road from Broadford.
Elgol, Skye
Elgol, Skye, Scotland
View of Cuillin Montains
Cuillin Mountains, Skye

Cuillin Mountains, Skye, Scotland

Sky ablaze at dawn.
Sunrise, Isle of Skye

Sunrise, Isle of Skye, Scotland

View from Isleornsay
Isleornsay, Skye

Isleornsay, Skye, Scotland

Invariably, Skye features in my round Scotland tours.