Leith Pub, Leith

Leith Pub, Leith, Scotland

This evening, I am posting a photo record of my evening stroll around the Port of Leith, near Edinburgh, Scotland.

Historically, Leith was a major commercial port serving the east of Scotland and to an extent these activities continue. However, some of the port’s redundant areas have been tastefully transformed into a mix of visitor attractions, shopping mall, smart residential housing and offices (mainly Scottish Government). The overall effect is positive. To attract visitors there are hotels and some smart eateries.

Image below shows Ocean Terminal. Behind the facade is a large shopping mall and the now retired Royal Yacht Britannia which is now a tourist attraction in its own right.


Ocean Terminal, Leith

Ocean Terminal, Leith, Scotland

Here are the offices of the Scottish Government.

Scottish Government Offices, Leith

Scottish Government Offices, Leith, Scotland


Here is an old building which has inscriptions on the walls dating from the 17th century.

Historic 17th C Building, Leith

Historic 17th C Building, Leith, Scotland

Here is former moorings area now transformed with pleasant housing around the edges.

Leith Waterfront, Leith

Leith Waterfront, Leith, Scotland


Here is some interesting modern architecture close to the waterfront.

Modern Architecture, Leith

Modern Architecture, Leith, Scotland

This image shows a sailing ship berthed on the waterfront.

Leith Waterfront, Leith

Leith Waterfront, Leith, Scotland


Overall, a fascinating area to explore, particularly for visitors interested in architecture and history.

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