Holy Island, Firth of Clyde

Holy Island, Firth of Clyde, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on Holy Isle. a tiny island situated off the east coast of Isle of Arran in the West of Scotland.
The name reflects the island’s long association with spirituality, viz:
  • The earliest recorded name for the island is Inis Shroin, which is old Gaelic for ‘island of the Water Spirit’.
  • There is evidence of an ancient healing spring, the hermit cave of 6th century monk St Molaise and a 13th century AD monastery.
  • Currently under stewardship of a Buddhist community founded by Lama Yeshe Rinpoche who is a Tibetan meditation master.
  • The south of the island is home to a closed Buddhist retreat.

Visitors are allowed, but animals are discouraged. Access is via a mall ferry boat which operates on a seasonal basis  from Lamlash, close to where the above image was taken.

The island is divided into several areas, some of which are for local wildlife and others for tree planting.  There are also spectacular walks on designated trails.

Holy Isle offers an intruiging option when visiting Arran


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