Abhainn Dearg Whisky, Isle of Lewis

Abhainn Dearg Whisky, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on Scotland’s youngest whisky distillery, namely Abhainn Dearg ( ‘Red River’) at Carnish on the Isle of Lewis . This was founded in 2008 and is the only distillery in the entire chain of islands comprising the Outer Hebrides. Abhainn Dearg is the brainchild of local businessman, Mark (“Marco”) Tayburn.
Having passing the minimum three years plus one day maturation period the new single malt is now produced in a limited edition. Bottling currently available is single cask, non-chill filtered and 46pct ABV.
Unlike rival distilleries on nearby Islay, the whisky is not peated.
Here is a video clip of the distillery which was taken when maintenance was in process. Note that the copper stills do not fall in the ‘pot still’ category, unlike most Scottish whisky distilleries.

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