Traditional Thatched House, Benbecula

Traditional Thatched House, Benbecula, Hebrides

Today we undertook a tour of the heart shaped North Uist, starting Benbecula and finishing Lochmaddy, Hebrides. This encompassed a rich diversity including:

  • An otter, eagle and numerous birds including a oyster catcher.
  • Stunning scenery with white sandy beaches and seascapes.
  • Traditional thatched houses.
  • A prehistoric stone circle.
  • Prehistoric Neolithic burial cairn.
  • Public sculpture.
  • A friendly peat cutter
  • A Crannog which was last occupied around the 16th century.
Scenic Shoreline, Hebrides

Scenic Shoreline, Hebrides, Scotland.

Sculpture, North Uist

Sculpture, North Uist, Scotland.

MacLeod's Tower, North Uist

MacLeod’s Tower, North Uist, Scotland.

Traditional Hebridean House, North Uist

Traditional Hebridean House, North Uist, Scotland.

Neollithic Burial Cairn, North Uist

Neollithic Burial Cairn, North Uist, Scotland.

Pobull Fhinn Stone Circle

Pobull Fhinn Stone Circle, North Uist.

Mr Mackay, Pet Cutter

Mr Mackay, Pet Cutter, North Uist.

Hebridean View, North Uist

Hebridean View, North Uist, Scotland.

Dun an Sticir, Crannog

Dun an Sticir, Crannog, North Uist.

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