Commonwealth Games 2014

Commonwealth Games 2014, Glasgow

This evening, I am focusing on the 2014 Commonwealth Games( the 20th such event) which are to be held in Glasgow, Scotland between July 23rd and August 3rd 2014. Some key facts:
  • Seventeen sports comprising: Athletics, Aquatics, Boxing, Badminton, Weight Lifting, Lawn Bowls, Hockey, Rugby 7s, Squash, Netball, Cycling, Shooting, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Judo, Table Tennis and Triathlon.
  • The Games will be staged in three clusters: East End, South Side and West End.
  • Cost estimated at GBP500m (about USD800m). 
  • 6500 athletes.
  • The biggest multi-cultural sports event hosted in Scotland.
  • Legacy will be important.

Clearly, the Games will result in a surge of visitor numbers. Already Glasgow attracts some 3.0m visitors per annum.  

Glasgow can offer a wide range of attractions and sites including Roman Era, Picts, Medieval, Industrial history, Art, Architecture and Design. See this blog post for an overview. 




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