Ripon Cathedral, Yorkshire

Ripon Cathedral, Yorkshire, England

This morning, our tour group departed lodgings in York and drive north towards Fountains Abbey, our intended main visit of the day. However, en-route we came across Ripon Cathedral and with time to spare in the itinerary we stopped at Ripon to provide time for a brief visit of the town and Cathedral. However, being Sunday morning a service was imminent and hence our visit restricted. Nevertheless, we had time to get an apprecation for this historic place of worship which comprises an amalgam of architecture styles starting with 7th century Saxon and incorporating Early English, Norman, Gothic and Perpendicular.
Next we drove on to our main target of Fountains Abbey and the adjacent Studley Royal Water Garden.
The Abbey was incepted in the early 1130s and by 1135 was firmly established within the Cistercian order.  The Cistercians were well organised. The Abbey prospered and grew reach a peak of prosperity during the 13th century followed by a reversal in the 14th century and renewed prosperity in the early 16th century. However, the end came in 1539 with Henry VIII’s dissolution. Now a romantic ruin in a superb setting.
The principal constituent parts of the Abbey include: Nave, Crossing, Presbytery, Chapel of Nine Alters, Huby’s Tower, Cloister, Chapter House, Infirmary, Abbot’s House, Muniment Room, Warming Room, Refectory, West Range, Guesthouses and Outer Court.

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