Highland Cow, Isle of Lewis

Highland Cow, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

Today was our final stay on the Isle of Lewis.Befofre catching the 1350 ferry to Ullapool we had time for a visit to the north of the island where we visited:

  • St. Molau’s Church located in Eorpie, the most northerly village on Lerwis. This fascinating small church is lit by oil lamps and candles (no electricity). Origins are uncertain but the structure may date from the 12th century.Design is similar to a Norse church at Gardar in Greenland.
  • Butt of Lewis Lighthouse, not far from the small church. Allthough sun was shining, conditions were very windy on this remote promontory. Seabirds including cormorants were evident.

After visiting the above two sites we re-traced our steps back to Stornoway with stops of photographs of coastal scenery and other places of interest en-route. Most of the journey was through moorland with extensive peat cuttings.

We duly connected wity the 1350 ferry and arrived Ullapool nearly 3 hours later. On arrival on the mainland we drove east to the opposite coast via stunning Wester Ross mountainous scenery. We duly reached our destination of the delightful small town of Dornoch about 7.00pm  following which we checked into lodgings and availed of evening dinner. Tomorrow we visit Dunrobin Castle.

East Window, St Molau's Church

East Window, St Molau's Church, Isle of Lewis


St Molau's Church, Eoropie

St Molau's Church, Eoropie, Isle of Lewis

Butt of Lewis Lighthouse, Isle of Lewis

Butt of Lewis Lighthouse, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

Photyographing Biutt of Lewis, Isle of Lewis

Photyographing Biutt of Lewis, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

Ullapool, Loch Broom

Ullapool, Loch Broom, Scotland

Wester Ross Scenery, Highlands

Wester Ross Scenery, Highlands, Scotland

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