Croft Moraig Stone Circle, Aberfeldy

Croft Moraig Stone Circle, Aberfeldy, Scotland

  This evening, I am posting information on one of the more important prehistoric stone circles on mainland Scotland. Croft Moraig  ( ‘Mary’s Farm’) lies 4 miles W.S.W. of Aberfeldy and 2 miles N.E. of Kenmore. This position is N.E of Loch Tay on low ground below steep mountainsides. The stones are made from local schist.  According to archaeological reports, the history of the site is as follows: 

  • First phase dates from Late Neolithic, about 3000 BC and consisted of heavy timber posts.
  • Later, the posts were replaced by eight stones graded in height and in a horseshoe shape.
  • A kerbed rubble bank with 60ft diameter enclosed the stones.On the bank a decorated stone slab was placed in line with the southern moonset.
  • A circle of about 40ft in diamater, comprising 12 large stones about 5ft 6″ in height was ereceted outside the horseshoe.
  • Finally, graves may have been dug outside the stones.

The construction, design and alignments of this circle are consistent with recumbent stone circles of N.E.Scotland.

This is a fascinating and easily accessible site which I invariably include in my tours when in the area.


Croft Moraig Stone Circle

 Croft Moraig Stone Circle