St Molau's Church, Isle of Lewis

St Molau's Church, Isle of Lewis, Hebrides

This evening, I am focusing on a unique and fascinating small church which is located at Ness at the north end of the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. Particular features include:
  • Unusually (for Lewis) this church is part of the Episcopalian Church (Anglican).
  • Services are still held on certain Sundays.
  • Internally, the building is lit by candles and oil lamps, there is  no electricity.
  • The construction date cannot be confirmed but the plan bears a remarkable similarity to a Norse (Viking) church at Gardar in Greenland which has been dated to the 12th century.
  • St. Molua’s origins are elusive. There may have been a 6th century saint of that name whilst on the other hand Molua may have been a Christianised adoption of the pagan sea-god ‘Lug’.
  • In Gaelic, St. Molau’s translates as Teampull Mholuaidh.
Stained Glass at St. Molau's Church

Stained Glass at St. Molau's Church, Isle of Lewis

The site is deserving of a visit.
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