Callanish I, Isle of Lewis

Callanish I, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

Today, the weather turned favourable and facilitated a rewarding tour of the island.

First we visted the famous Callanish Standing Stones which date back to around 3000 BC. The iconic site is named Callanish I to differentiate from nearby and lesser circles known as Callanish II and Callanish III, which we also visited. Here is a video clip showimg all three sites.

Callanish I, Isle of Lewis

Callanish I, Isle of Lewis, Hebrides.

Callanish I, Isle of Lewis

Callanish I, Isle of Lewis, Scotland.

Callanish II, Isle of Lewis

Callanish II, Isle of Lewis, Hebrides.

Callanish III, Isle of Lewis

Callanish III, Isle of Lewis, Scotland.

Next, we moved forward in time about 2000 years to the Iron Age, and Carloway Broch, a circular tower comprising concentric walls which would have been the home of a high status and powerful family. The ruins are in a good state of preservation.

Carloway Broch, Lewis

Carloway Broch, Lewis, Outer Hebrides.

Carloway Broch, Isle of Lewis

Carloway Broch, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

Next, another jump forward in time, maybe 500 years, to the Norse Mill and Kiln, an intriguing site for drying and milling cereals using basic water powered technology.

Norse Mill & Kiln, Lewis

Norse Mill & Kiln, Lewis, Hebrides.

Next, to the north of Lewis where we called in at the ancient (possibly 12th century) church of St. Moluag’s. This church is part of the Episcopalian church (Anglican) which still conducts services twice a month.

Inside St. Moluag's Church, Lewis

Inside St. Moluag’s Church, Lewis, Scotland.

St.Moluag's Church, Lewis

St.Moluag’s Church, Lewis, Hebrides

Next stop was the rugged coastal scenery of the Butt of Lewis which comprises a large lighthouse and cliff face scenery replete with bird-life.

Butt of Lewis, Lewis

Butt of Lewis, Lewis, Outer Hebrides

Finally, we paid a brief visit to Port Nis with its harbour and sandy beach,before returning to our lodgings at Stornoway.

Port Nis, Isle of Lewis

Port Nis, Isle of Lewis, Scotland.

Tomorrow, we catch the early ferry for Ullapool and the mainland.

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