Forth Rail Bridge, Firth of Forth

Forth Rail Bridge, Firth of Forth, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on the famous bridges which span the Firth of Forth, between North and South Queensferry, near Edinburgh Scotland. These comprise a rail bridge and a road bridge with a replacement for the latter currently under construction. In engineering and architectural circles these bridges are renowned worldwide, particularly the rail bridge.

Summary information concerning the Forth Rail Bridge:

  • 2.5km/1.5m long.
  • Built over period 1883-1890 during which up to 100 men lost their lives.
  • Design incorporates the balanced cantilever principle.
  • Designed by Sir John Fowler and Benjamin Baker.
  • Construction by Tancred-Arrol.
  • Refurbished 1998-2002 at cost of Gbp40m.
  • Continuous painting no longer necessary as new technology paint has estimated 20 year life.
  • Carries up to 200 train movements per day.

    Forth Road Bridge, Firth of Forth

    Forth Road Bridge, Firth of Forth, Scotland

Summary information concerning the Forth Road Bridge:

  • Opened 1964.
  • Construction cost about GBP250M in today’s money.
  • Comprises a suspension bridge over 2.5km/1,5m long providing dual roadways flanked by cycle paths and footpaths.
  • Main towers are 156m/512ft above the mean water level.
  • Due to structural deterioration, this bridge is to be replaced by the Forth Replacement Crossing, which is currently under construction at cost in range GBP1.45bn-GBP1.6bn with projected opening in 2016.

The attractive and historic town of South Queensferry offers a good vanatage point to view both bridges.

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