Hiking Group, Neilston
Hiking Group, Neilston, Scotland
This afternoon, I a joined a small group on a short hiking tour around the small town of Neilston in the West of Scotland.  This follows on previous visits to the town in (a) May of this year when I visited the Agricultural Show  and (b) in 2010 when I attended a Ceilidh (community dance) there.
Neilston has a documented history dating back to 1163 when the parish church was ‘appropriated’ by Paisley Abbey.It is therefore likely that a settlement existed well before the 12th century.
During the 19th century Neilston was served by two separate railway lines (now just one). The Crofthead Mill was a major source of employment.The original mill (cotton spinning) was established by James Orr & Co in 1792 using the River Levern as a power source. The current building dates from 1891 which produced sewing thread using cotton and other fibres. This closed in 1992.
This building is the former Free Church of Scotland (Presbyterian) dating from 1873. Worship here ceased in 1964, Subsequently, the building has been converted to Curch Halls. 
Neilston Parish Church Halls, Neilston

Neilston Parish Church Halls, Neilston, West of Scotland

This structure is a memorial to engineer John Robertson (1782-1868) who delevoped a steam engine which was installed in Bell’s Comet, the first commercial steampship in Europe. A replica of the Comet can be found at Port Glasgow.
John Robertson Memorial, Neilston

John Robertson Memorial, Neilston, Scotland

This is Neilston Parish Church (Presbyterian). The existemce of a parish church was first recorded in 1163. The graveyard has a memorial stone dating from the 15th century.
Neilston Parish Church, Church of Scotland

Neilston Parish Church, Church of Scotland, Scotland

This building, the Glen Halls, was opened in 1899 and was donated by a wealthy benefactrix named Margaret Glen.
Glen Halls, Neilston

Glen Halls, Neilston, Scotland

This building is currently a Masonic Lodge ( Thistle and Crown 1167) prior to which it was a bank and home to a father and son doctor practice.
Masonic Lodge, Neilston

Masonic Lodge, Neilston, Scotland

This is the former Crofthead Mill which was built 1891 and closed 1992. Textile milling on this site was originated in 1792 by James Orr & Company.
Crofthead Mill, Neilston

Crofthead Mill, Neilston, Scotland

Here is an interesting woodland pic taken close to the Mill.
Woodland Scene, Neilston

Woodland Scene, Neilston, Scotland

Here is hiking group on line of old railway which ran from Barrhead to Kilmarnock.
Old Railway Line, Neilston

Old Railway Line, Neilston, Scotland

This is St. Thomas’s Roman Catholic Church which was incepted in 1861 to accomodate the spiritual needs of Irish immigrants.
St. Thomas's R.C.Church, Neilston

St. Thomas's R.C.Church, Neilston, Scotland

Overall, a enjoyable trip which served to enhance my knowledge of the locality. 
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