Tour Group, Ormiston

Tour Group, Ormiston, Scotland

This morning we departed Edinburgh and drove to Rentonhall, Haddington. Here ancestors lived and worked in the 19th century. We were provided with first class hospitality by the current owners, extending to a bagpipe reception.

Hospitality at Rentonhall, Haddington

Hospitality at Rentonhall, Haddington, Scotland

Piper with Tour Group, Rentonhall

Piper with Tour Group, Rentonhall, Scotland

Rentonhall, Haddington

Rentonhall, Haddington, Scotland

Wee Bothy, Rentonhall

Wee Bothy, Rentonhall, Scotland

Next we went to nearby Aberlady. Here we visited the historic church where two ancestors were married in the early 19th century. Another good reception where the Church Beadle gave an escorted tour of the church.

Aberlady Church, East Lothian

Aberlady Church, East Lothian, Scotland

Next we had lunch at a pub in Longniddry.

Next to the site of a former brickworks  where ancestors worked in the early 19th century. This is now a cultivated wheat field but on the surface were lots of broken brick and tiles which we were able to gather for souvenirs. The local farmer was very helpful in assisting our efforts to locate the relevant field.

Ballancrieff Brickworks, Aberlady

Ballancrieff Brickworks, Aberlady, Scotland

Ballancrieff Brickworks Site, Aberlady

Ballancrieff Brickworks Site, Aberlady, Scotland

Next to the village of Ormiston where the group spent time exploring and engaging in photograph sessions.

Ormiston, East Lothian

Ormiston, East Lothian, Scotland

Group Photo, Ormiston

Group Photo, Ormiston, Scotland

Finally, and after considerable effort, we reached our last destination for the day of the Ormiston Yew ¬†( or ‘Cathedral Yew’), a very extensive yew grove which may date back 1000 years.

Ormiston Yew, East Lothian

Ormiston Yew, East Lothian, Scotland

With tour concluded for the day, we arrived back at our Edinburgh lodgings about 7.00pm.

Tomorrow we head for the Scottish Borders.

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