Blessed St. John Duns Scotus , Gorbals

Blessed St. John Duns Scotus , Gorbals, Glasgow

This afternoon, I visited the church of Blessed St. John Duns Scotus in the Gorbals area of Glasgow which is a relatively new building (1999) run by an order of Franciscan Friars. Here can be found a gold casket marked ‘Corpus Valentini Martyris’- the body of St. Valentine, Martyr. This is the same St Valentine¬†after which Valentine’s Day is named.

Blessed St John Duns Scotus, Gorbals

Blessed St John Duns Scotus, Gorbals, Glasgow

The relics are on permanent display in the church entrance. As St. Valetine’s Day approaches the area is decorated with flowers and on the day itself special prayers are said for people in and out of love.

Here is a video clip of the church interior.

Apart from Glasgow, pieces of St. Valentine are held in Dublin, Birmingham, Vienna and Roquemaure (France). There may have been one or two St. Valentines martyred on Feb 14th, probably around 270 AD.

The relics of St. Valentine were donated by a French Catholic family in 1868 to the Church of St. Francis in nearby Cumberland Street and then relocated to the new church in 1999. 

Here is a video of the church exterior.

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