Dunadd Fort, Argyll

Dunadd Fort, Argyll, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on Dunadd, a rocky crag which was first fortified about 2400 years ago.This is located at the southern end of Kilmartin Glen, Argyll, West of Scotland which is renowned for its prehistoric monuments. 

This site came to prominence around AD 600, as a power base for the Kings of Dal Riata. The people here were Gaelic speaking.

Location close to the sea and the navigable River Add provided communication lines with Europe which facilitated trade in physical goods and ideas. Dunadd was also a power base for military ventures and a symbolic ritual centre where kings were anointed and other important ceremonies undertaken. The carvings shown below are believed to have been used in such ceremonies.

Footprint Carving, Dunadd

Footprint Carving, Dunadd, Scotland

Animal Carving, Dunadd

Animal Carving, Dunadd, Argyll

By end of the 9th century AD, power  had shifted east under the now united kingdom of Picts and Scots forming Scotland and form thereon Dunadd ceased to be important.

Access to the site entails a short but challenging climb but those who reach the top are rewarded with superb views  of the valley and local landscape.

View from Dunadd Fort, Argyll

View from Dunadd Fort, Argyll, looking South

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