Entrance Facade, Edinburgh Castle

Entrance Facade, Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on today’s tour of Edinburgh Castle and Royal Mile.

Royal Mile, Edinburgh

Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland

The weather proved somewhat dryer than  we were expecting, a feature which greatly assisted our walking tour of the key sites.

First we visited Edinburgh’s famous castle key aspects of which included the Crown Jewels, Great Hall ( within which was a re-enactment centred on Queen Margaret ( 11th C.)), Queen Margaret Chapel, One o’clock Gun and Mons Meg Cannon.

Royal Apartments, Edinburgh Castle

Royal Apartments, Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Medieval Reenactment,Edinburgh Castle

Medieval Reenactment,Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Next to the old Scottish Parliament and a lunch in the law courts restaurant.

Next a short walk down the Royal Mile to St. Giles Cathedral within which is the impressive Thistle Chapel.

Royal Mile, Edinburgh

Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland

Inside St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh

Inside St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh, Scotland

Next we witnessed some street entertainmers and then on, past the Elephant Cafe whre J.K.Rowlinmg wrote some of the Harry Potter stories, to the National Museum of Scotland which has exhibits spanning some 5000 yeatrs of Scottish history.

Elephant Cafe, Edinburgh

Elephant Cafe, Edinburgh, Scotland

Close to the National Museum is ‘Greyfriars Bobby’, statue of a Skye Terrier which was famous in the 19th century for loyally standing guard over his dead master’s grave for 14 years.

Greyfriars Bobby, Edinburgh

Greyfriars Bobby, Edinburgh, Scotland

National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland

With tour concluded we returned to our lodgings in readiness for tomorrow’s trip to visit places in East Lothian associated with guests’ ancestors.

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